Your company email signature is a very powerful little marketing tool. Email signature marketing is an easy way to maximize the reach of your company marketing campaigns at very little cost.

Email Signature Marketing

Below are 10 tips and tricks to get the most from your email signature, from a marketing perspective. If you have any other suggestions, please add them to the comments.

Link to your website

Every email that leaves your company (including those sent from mobiles!) should have a link to your website. This is email signature marketing 101, but you would be surprised at how many company’s don’t do this. The recipients of your emails are already online, giving a link to your website gives them another option to continue or further the relationship with your company.

Drive traffic to your blog

Having a company blog is a very effective way to attract attention to your company, but first, you need to drive traffic to the blog. Your email signature is the perfect place to do this. There several ways to do this; you could just link straight to your blog home page, or you might want to create a link to your most recent post.

Increase social media followers

Including links to your social media pages is also a great way for viewers to continue the relationship with your brand. The email signature is the link between the two very different communication outlets of email and social media. See my article about creating the perfect email signature for tips on some different ways to include social media links. As an example of how effective this can be, our email signature brings in about 30 followers to our LinkedIn page every week.

Promote recent content

Have you written a white paper or a book? Your email signature is the perfect place to promote it. You could place a plain-text link or create an attractive email signature banner to turn all of your emails into a great lead generation tool. More information about email signature advertising.

Conferences and events

Informing people of an upcoming event that you are involved with is a great way to warm potential leads before the actual event. Include a simple banner below your main email signature with the basic details of the event and link it to a landing page with the complete information.

Free trial

If you have a free trial of a product, creating a link or banner on your email signature is one of the most effective ways to drive download numbers. Think about how many emails leave your company every day, imagine if every one of those had a ‘Free Trial’ banner on them like ours below.

 Each month we change our email signature banner, but this free trial banner has increased our monthly trial downloads by 18%.

Promote case studies

You’re always emailing potential customers, why not show them successful examples of other companies using your product? For example, you could add a quote from a customer or mention the ROI that a customer achieved with your product.

Give away a free tool

Everyone loves something free! There is nothing more attractive to viewers than a free tool or giveaway. This might be a free whitepaper on your website or a free software download. This essentially rewards the recipient for reaching the end of your email! The main goal of email signature marketing is to create leads for your company, giving away free tools is the perfect way to ask for someone’s contact details.

Demo your product

There are some great examples of this. Below I have created a short gif animation that gives an overview of Crossware Mail Signature. This gives every single email recipient a quick demo of our software. I could then change the button to say “book a demo” and link people to an online form. We could even create a rule to only show this banner to people who are not currently our customers.

If you are not using any email signature software, perhaps create a :mailto link which generates a demo request email.

Show a video

You can’t play a video from your email, but your email signature is a great place to direct people towards a corporate overview video or a product explanation video. Again, this gives people another way to find out more information about you. If you want people to watch the video on their mobile, you might even consider using a QR code. Although the QR code is now widely seen as redundant, it can be an effective way to interact with people if you are marketing a mobile-based product.

A key thing to remember with email signature marketing is to put in the extra effort. People send and receive a lot of emails. So put in a little extra effort with your email signature to make it stand out in the inbox!

There are so many different examples of effective email signature marketing. When done right it can be a great way to supplement your marketing. If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments below.

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