It’s no secret that companies are migrating to the cloud left, right, and center. Office 365 is the platform of choice for most professional businesses. Below you’ll find 5 helpful Office 365 tools (in no particular order) that will increase the functionality and productivity of your company on Microsoft Office 365.

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Cogmotive Reports

The first of our helpful Office 365 tools is Cogmotive Reports, a simple yet powerful web-based tool that helps you understand exactly how your employees are using Office 365. Nothing to install, simply connect the application to your Office 365 environment and extend the built-in reporting capabilities of Office 365.

Cogmotive reports allow you to monitor everything within your Microsoft network. Including things like the size of every employee’s mailbox and details of every company mobile device.


Z-Hire automates the IT user account creation process for Office 365 accounts. Z-Hire serves as the platform for new hire accounts by allowing auto-creation of major IT accounts with the option for custom scripts. They even claim that it will decrease your account deployment time by 600%. This tool makes creating new users a breeze.

Crossware Mail Signature

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature software application that automatically adds compliant, personalised, and attractive email signatures to all emails – even those sent from mobiles. These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics, and advertising banners that can be randomised or targeted to specific recipients.

Crossware is a 5-star solution

Crossware Mail Signature removes the need to configure signatures on individual work-stations, and requires no design changes to your directory or mail template. You can centrally manage the design of your entire company’s email signatures.

Obviously, as the Marketing Manager for Crossware, I’m a little bit biased. But our Office 365 email signature manager is definitely a must-have on the list of Office 365 tools.


Certify is a solution for Active Directory-based single sign-on, user provisioning, and mobile management.

Centrify helps organisations to centrally secure and manage more than one million server, application, and mobile device resources on-premise and in the cloud. In addition to advanced features, Centrify speeds your deployment of Office 365 without ADFS.

Users simply enter their Active Directory credentials to get one-click access to all Office 365 clients and all their favorite SaaS, mobile and on-prem apps through the Centrify User Portal.


The last (but not least) product on our list of Office 365 tools is DocuSign. DocuSign enables you to legally and securely send, sign, track, and store important documents electronically using the Office 365 SharePoint team site – anytime, anywhere.


Users have nothing new to learn in a familiar interface that contains features such as document folders and libraries. You can rest assured that your most important documents will be managed with the highest levels of security and availability.

That was just 5 Office 365 tools, there are hundreds more! The best place to find them all is Microsoft Pinpoint. Pinpoint is where you can find all Microsoft Partners and Applications.

If you know of any other Office 365 tools that deserve some attention, please add them in the comments below for everyone to see.

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