By now, you probably realize email marketing automation is essential to effective multi-channel brand outreach initiatives. While these tools can help you reach current customers and target audience members, it’s important to take a step back now and then and reevaluate your overall marketing goals and why they’re realistic or appropriate for your brand.

It’s no secret that unique, relevant and interesting content drives drip marketing campaign success. To craft the right messages, you need to know your audience to determine how to show the value of your product or service and present yourself as an industry and king or queen of customer service.

To make sure you’re spending your time and resources effectively, here are three ways to clean up your brand and marketing tactics:

Take a closer look at your audience

In an article for Entrepreneur magazine, Karen Leland states the first step to “spring cleaning” a brand is reevaluating the target audience. Take a few moments to describe your ideal client and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is his or her demographic?
  • When does he or she check email?
  • What type of sources does he or she access news from?
  • What role does your product or service offer the client?
  • Is he or she familiar with the industry?
  • How might he or she respond to your competitors?

Without knowing the answers to these questions, your emails may be not be providing the right information to generate sales. For example, content could be too simple or complex or completely irrelevant to how your brand can serve the consumer. Use data collected from your sales and marketing automation system to identify common trends among audience members.

Reaffirm what your brand is and isn’t

Once you acquire updated insight into your consumer base, take a look at your brand at large. Take into account your company’s mission statement and pinpoint how close your marketing efforts have brought you to achieve those goals.

When faced with industry competition, it can be easy to get caught up in what other companies are doing to reach the same audience. These methods may not be appropriate for your unique business, though. HOW Design blogger Tim Williams explains that telling customers you’re capable of something you’re not damages your credibility.

Focus on your strengths and make sure they’re well-portrayed in your drip marketing and email efforts. Demonstrate expertise by sharing unique insight and providing customers with information about current trends in the industry and how your brand is addressing them.

Make sure you’re using the best email marketing service on the market

If you’ve been relying on the same internet marketing service for some time, you’ve probably grown attached to the technology. However, just because a solution has become central to your email marketing endeavors doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your expanding business. Determine whether your service provider meets your needs by offering top targeting capabilities, audience segmentation and tools to create effective drip marketing campaigns.

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