So, it’s December again. The time of year to untangle the Christmas lights, procure a pine tree, and switch on your holiday spirit. You might also be thinking about how you can fit Christmas into your busy schedule at work and into your emails – a Christmas-themed email signature is the perfect solution to inject some Christmas cheer into every piece of correspondence this silly season!

But where do you start?

While there’s no set way to share Christmas news and deals with your email recipients, there are definitely some guidelines worth following! Since pictures speak louder than words, we’re sharing a good and a bad example of a Christmas email signature for you that we just whipped up between batches of Christmas cookies. Enjoy!

Read on, and you’ll be creating your own professional, yet festive, email signatures in no time.

The Before Christmas Email Signature

Let’s kick this off with an introduction. Enter, you. Chrissy Mascheer, an upbeat Christmas loving Sales Manager with a passion for selling eggnog.

perfect email signature

This is your everyday signature – you’re proud of it, and rightly so! It’s well designed for a couple of reasons:

  • Clear, clean font in a readable size.
  • Sharp, simple graphics.
  • Graphics are small, but not unclear.
  • Clear personal information.
  • A banner encouraging email recipients to engage and click.

It’s fine to add a standard, non-christmassy signature like this to emails on November the 28th, but what about in a couple of days when everyone is humming Christmas carols? That leads us right into our next example…

The Bad Christmas Email Signature

Introducing the “what not to do” example for your Christmas email signature. Sadly this variety of Christmas signature is far too common.

example of a bad christmas email signature

What is this email signature doing wrong?

This email signature has a few key flaws:

  • Several different fonts which are not always readable due to colour and size.
  • Graphics are too complicated with too many elements and colours at once. Cool it with the Christmas symbolism, Chrissy!
  • Banner ad has no clear call to action, is overstuffed with text and is visually unattractive and difficult to make sense of.
  • Including a quote (Christmas or otherwise) overstuffs the email signature and will not be interpreted as professional by all recipients.

Let’s have a look at a better version of this Christmas email signature.

The Good Christmas Email Signature

If this signature was a small child, rest assured that it would receive a big stack of presents on Christmas morning for being so good. This version has a stronger focus on professionalism and minimalism of design. Nice.

example of good christmas email signature

What is this email signature doing right?

  • Text is clear, professionally coloured and easy to read. It does not vary hugely in size and font choice.
  • Graphics are simple, with only a few key Christmas elements added which enhance the signature visually.
  • Ad banner has a clear call to action and is simple and eye-catching.

With some thoughtful design, great Christmas signatures are easy and can help to give your brand image a warm and fuzzy holiday boost. Get one on your emails now!

We have more Christmas content coming soon, watch this space. Don’t forget to share your favourite holiday email signature tips with us below!

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