The Oatmeal provides us with a very comical perspective on email netiquette, absolutely love it. From the slow uptake of technology, via ugly signatures, to 30Gb attachments… These guys have done a great job stereotyping several common email nuisances and poor netiquette.


Email netiquette 1

Old school meets new school… and should really get with the program! Isn’t it strange how we take an electronic copy contract, email it across the world, print it onto paper, sign it with a pen, switch it back to data and fax it back across the world to finally be printed onto another piece of paper… Logic?!

Email netiquette 2

When emailing somebody else is easier then searching through your own inbox… Too true!

Email netiquette 3

This ties in very nicely with our previous article on Netiquette, if you don’t know about BCC: read this post


Email netiquette 4

Of course, something that is very important to us – Email Signatures.

Email netiquette 5

Padding, waffle, blabble… Whatever you want to call it, it’s just like reading a high school essay!

Email netiquette 6

Awesome – A 4.5GB uncompressed file, of photos, to open in any photo viewer and click “rotate” and “save” for somebody else.

Email netiquette 7

Some people really need to learn about places such as Google Docs, or even blogs…

Email netiquette 8

Remember that random username and password you punched in to enter that competition? No? That’s a shame!!

Email netiquette 9

A great thank you to the team at The Oatmeal for providing us with this entertainment for the day – Very well done!

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