An Exchange email signature is important for every organisation using the most widely used mail server. A lot of organisations have adopted Exchange because of the security level that Exchange Server provides to the organisation:

  • No one can send any mail outside the organisation without admin permissions.
  • No one can send mail inside organisation without admin permissions
  • Admin has complete control to view the mailbox of any of its employee
  • Admin can reject any message without the senders permission.

When you need to send an email through Exchange Server it’s important to ensure that you have added the email signature at the bottom portion of your email. An Exchange email signature is one of the most important things that every corporate email should have.

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Why you need an email signature for successful business

Adding an email signature to your emails will lessen the risk of losing confidential data. It enables you to add all disclaimer information before sending the emails to recipients. A uniform email signature with a disclaimer can protect your company by giving legal rights to the customers to access the products you are providing.

Marketing of your company’s products can be accomplished by using your email signature, as you can add products or your latest news. This marketing strategy costs next to nothing and makes the selling of products easier.

An email signature doesn’t need to be created with fancy fonts and images, since an enthralling email signature will not demonstrate legitimateness. Often a simple, well designed email signature will show more professionalism. Besides, if the email signature includes your company logo it will make your company more trustworthy.

How to design an attractive Exchange email signature

There are several third party applications available on the market which give you the ability to design and manage your company email signatures. Crossware Mail Signature is one such product.

Your email signature can be as advanced as you like. But you should at least include the basics:

  • Contact information
  • Company logo
  • Website link

How to create the perfect email signature.

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Why Crossware Mail Signature?

In terms of branding, your email signature is a simple way to increase your brand awareness and impressions. Think of the amount of emails that leave your organisation every day! Crossware Mail Signature allows you to include any imagery that you need on your Exchange email signature. You might include:

  • Your company logo
  • Targeted advertisements, based on any rule that you create
  • Social media icons
  • Personal profile photo

Crossware Mail Signature automatically adds the email signature to every email, whether it is sent from a mobile, tablet or any other device. The email goes via your Exchange server, where Crossware Mail Signature adds the signature.

Additional Tip – Access Exchange Emails outside Exchange Server

Exchange Emails are only accessible inside the Exchange environment. But sometimes users need to open emails outside the Exchange environment i.e. in MS Outlook. In such conditions one can convert the Exchange EDB file to PST format and can import the PST file in MS Outlook.


Here in this article, I have explained why an Exchange email signature is important and how you can create and set them up for your organisation. Along with that I have also included an additional tip to convert Exchange mails to PST format. I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any other ideas regarding the above, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Guest post by Joe Prior.

Joe has spent his valuable time & efforts researching important concepts of Exchange recovery & migration. He is currently doing research in performing the Exchange Migration in an efficient and effective manner.

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