The number of emails that are sent and received from a mobile device is huge. A lot of emails are now read first on a mobile, meaning that you need to have a mobile friendly and responsive email signature. Download my editable mobile email signature below.

The key thing to note when designing a mobile friendly or responsive email signature is to have everything left-aligned’.

I have created an email signature which looks great on any device. Once you have downloaded the html, you can update the contact information and social media links to your own. If you have any issues, I’m happy to help. You can contact me via the blog or comment below.

Free mobile friendly responsive email signature

I’ve included the following features in my free mobile email signature:

– Photo
– Contact details
– Website link
– Social media links

You can edit or add any imagery to this email signature once you have downloaded it. Not everyone likes having their picture on their email signature, but I think it works nicely with this design. You an easily remove the photo if you like.

Free mobile friendly email signature download


In the above image you can see the email signature that I’ve designed and a screen shot of how it looks on an iPhone.

Free Download

Use the form below to download the mobile friendly responsive email signature. If you have any questions or need any help, please comment below. 

4 + 14 =

The email signature should be very easy to edit. The best way is to open the html file in an online html editor and go from there. I have spaced out the html so it is easy to find where you need to update it with your own details.


EDIT: I have now added a Word file of the email signature to the download. So you can copy and paste the design into your email signature setup. This will be particularly useful for email platforms which don’t allow you to create an html signature (e.g some versions of Outlook).

If you have any feedback on this mobile / responsive email signature design I would love to hear it!

For more information about mobile email signatures for your business, click here.

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