We all know the importance of the everyday email… With 188 billion emails being sent daily (EDIT – Excluding spam), the majority of these coming from businesses – there is no way that companies can afford to slacken off when it comes to making each email as professional as can be.

But what makes an email ‘professional’? And how on Earth can we create ‘branded emails’?

To help you out, I have gone ahead and sketched a quick mock-up of what the Team at Crossware Mail Signature consider a ‘professionally branded email’


Branded Header

Just like the letterhead of old, we believe that every email should offer your brand image at the top of your communication. People aren’t going to scroll down just to see your logo – so do the work for them and put it right in front of their eyes! This also sets the scene for the rest of your email.

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Correct Name and Contact Details

How often do you see emails with an incorrect job title, a phone number with a typo, or even no contact details at all? This leads to unnecessary effort when you then need to contact that person… not too mention company embarrassment when old Bob decides to call himself the CEO one day. It’s vital to pull these details straight from your Corporate Directory so that you can ensure they are correct AND up to date.

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Social Media Icons

For the true web savvy company… Add links to any social media networks that your business belongs to, this gives the reader another source of interaction with your company. The average business users sends and receives over 100 emails every day – make use of this hugely popular medium!

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Promotional Banner

We like to think that customers and prospects constantly visit our website, unfortunately this is not the case… BUT we do send them emails every week! Turn every email into an advertising opportunity with an attractive promotional banner, this could include your latest product or sale.

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Appropriate Disclaimer

These days it’s vital to be 100% confident that every email being sent from your organisation is compliant with the latest laws and regulations. Specify a standard email disclaimer message to be appended to all emails leaving your company.

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Professionally Branding Emails at a Corporate Level?

It’s one thing to know what a really great email looks like… it’s another to implement great email across your entire company! I’m going to mention our product, Crossware Mail Signature, for a quick product plug:

If your company is currently using IBM Lotus Notes for email, and you’re after branded emails or professional signatures, then definitely check out our website. Crossware Mail Signature allows you to centrally manage your entire organisation’s email very VERY easily! We offer the best server-based solution out there and your email signatures will be appended on every single email leaving your company – whether it is sent from your PC, the web or your mobile device.

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