According to statistics, Valentine’s Day email volume is second only to the Christmas holiday season. Therefore, instead of waiting for your customers to give you roses, it’s time to shift to a more proactive approach.

Why Valentine’s day and other events can be useful for e-commerce online marketing

“Time is money”, we probably all agree with it. To marketers, “timing” might be worth even more. Therefore, it is important to know the best timing to launch your email campaigns or social media campaigns. One of the most time-sensitive marketing strategies is probably “newsjacking”, which means hijacking breaking news or popular events in order to amplify one’s sales and marketing success. Oreo’s Superbowl tweet shows a very good example of successful newsjacking.

Gorgias has an amazing goal – making the job of Customer Support Agents that much easier (and efficient). We love that! Gorgias is an integrated help-desk tool with plenty of features – but we’ll just focus on what it can do your emails.

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Valentine’s day and other events often serve as catalysts for marketers to bring their creativity into play. For instance, Benefit cosmetics launched an email campaign in 2013 to relate its product offerings to the Inauguration Day. The subject line was “Hail to the Creek”, followed by the headline “Take the Oath of Beauty to the Office”. The email campaign successfully leveraged the buzz of the Inauguration Day without taking any political position. This year, Durex launched an ad with tagline “Reality, it’s better than literature”. The ad took advantage of the public anticipation of the movie “50 Shades of Grey”, which will be released on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

How can you personalize your email campaign for Valentine’s day?

While there are many tips to make your email campaign successful, the rule of thumb is probably “craft a killer subject line”. Subject line is often the first chance, if not only, to impress your audience. The killer subject line of Fitbit reminds us that Valentine’s day is not all about roses and chocolates; Fitbit users can “fall in love at first step”.

Of course, a killer subject line is not the only thing you need. Visualization of your email is also important. It is recommended to take some time to experiment where to put texts, images, and call-to-action buttons in order to achieve a higher click through rate. There are a lot of email marketing tools in the market that help users personalize their emailing campaign in an enjoyable and affordable way. For example, Mailkitchen offers ready-to-use templates for brands to personalize their message. Its “Free for Life” plan allows users to send up to 15,000 emails per month, catering to businesses of different sizes and needs. Even better, Mailkitchen offers various commitment-free subscription plans so that users can enjoy different features without worrying about the end date.

Why should you use humor?

You may wonder: how to craft a killer subject line. “Humor” is the answer to this question, suggested by a Marketo blog post. Imagine there are tons of emails in your inbox, and one of them says “Valentine’s day special: 20% off on all pet accessories”. Would you bother to keep reading the subject line? Let alone opening it (well, unless you did plan to buy something for your pet). What if it says “Ruv is in the air… Oh wait, maybe that’s just a fart?”

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Does it make you wonder what the email is trying to say? That may lead you to open the email, then continue to read it, and perhaps, click on the “shop now” button. Even if the humorous subject line does not result in an immediate conversion, it will leave a deeper impression than “Valentine’s day special…”, you won’t even recall who sent you that promotion.

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