Email marketing is the most popular form of modern-day marketing. Sending newsletters and special offers to your contact list is very powerful, but not everyone will open the email. Only a small percentage will then actually read the content and click through to any links that you provided.

So the trick is to increase the number of contacts on your email marketing list. This will therefore increase the number of people that click your links, meaning more traffic to your website and more potential customers.

So the million-dollar question is:

How do you increase your email marketing list and continuously gather fresh contact details?

I have come up with 10 tips for you to easily increase your email marketing list, enjoy.

Allow sign-ups directly from the website.

Placing a link from your company home page to ‘sign up to our mailing list’ seems obvious but you will be surprised how many companies don’t have one. You can’t just rely on gathering details at conferences or people contacting you. If someone enjoys your website and they want to hear more, it needs to be easy for them to sign up. You may only have 30 seconds before they lose interest so make it clear to see.

Allow sign-ups from all social media pages.

Social media for business is becoming increasingly popular, potential customers will often research your company on Facebook and other social media outlets to find out more information. You can easily add a tab to the top of your Facebook page to join your email list. For other networks like Twitter and Pinterest, links within Tweets and Pins to sign up will also be beneficial.

Only ask for a name and email.

Wherever people are signing up, whether it’s from your website, social media, or on paper, make it easy! People don’t want to spend any longer than 7 seconds signing up. If you need to ask about their company, make it as short as possible otherwise people simply won’t sign up.

Don’t just ask once.

No rule says you can only have one link on your website to sign up to your email list. Place it on numerous pages with different images and styles. The same goes for social media – have a sign-up tab on your Facebook page but also make a status about it now and then. Be aware though, there is a fine line between catching the viewers’ attention and spamming them with links, be smart about it.

Explain the value of signing up.

People need to know why it will benefit them to sign up, what will they get out of it? The difference in the number of sign-ups between a “join our mailing list” link and a “sign up to win prizes” link is noticeable. You need to get across that they are missing out of they don’t sign up.

Have a ‘forward to a friend’ option.

On the bottom of every marketing email, you should place a link so the viewer can ‘share’ or ‘forward’ it to their friends. This will further increase the reach of your emails and indirectly increase the size of your email list.

Offer a deal for signing up.

Offering a discount, free trial, or a giveaway for signing up to your email list is very effective. People are always interested in discounts and giveaways, before they know it they are receiving more interesting information via your emails.

Host a webinar.

Host a webinar to demonstrate your product or to help your customers with a common interest. Hosting a webinar with a partner will further increase the interest and the number of sign-ups. When people sign up for the webinar they enter their email address and you have increased the size of your email list. The people that sign up for your webinar are already interested in your product so these emails are worth a lot when it comes to marketing.

Create a competition.

Competitions are the easiest way to gather email addresses and contact details. Offer a prize that will interest your target audience and simply ask them to submit their email address to enter. You can also add a competition to your company Facebook page – allows you to design your competition page and place it on Facebook very easily.

Allow people to sign in with Facebook/Twitter.

Otherwise known as ‘social sign in’, this allows the person to simply click on ‘Connect with Facebook’ and their details from their Facebook account will be used to join the email list. This is often quicker than manually typing the details in and it means that the details you receive will be 100% accurate.

Thank you!

So there we have it, my top tips for increasing your email marketing list. If you have any other ideas, please post a comment below.

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