Creating a lasting impression is hard. Doing it within an email can be even harder.

However, you can make a great impression last in the form of a striking and professional email signature. Think of professional email signatures as the modern-day business card. You want to highlight your expertise and inspire the recipient into action while conveying important information about your business.

How can you transform standard, formal emails into a marketing communications channel?

Integrate brand elements, social media links and promotional banners into your email signature. Make your signature professional, striking, and most importantly, unforgettable.

Let’s look at what comprises a professional email signature with examples.

Elements of a Professional Email Signature

Number of Lines

Generally, a simple professional email signature will do the trick. Include your name, title, company, contact information and any points of professional interest. Between four to six lines of text offer an elegant aesthetic.

Signature Design

Stick to company or brand colours where possible in your signature design. Keep your choices to two colours where possible to avoid clashes.

Signature Font

Choose your font wisely, as it needs to be easy to read. Use dividers and plenty of white space to separate the different elements of your professional email signatures. Use caps, bold type and colours sparingly to attract the reader’s eye without overloading on visuals.


If your company requires professional profile pictures, a high-quality headshot adds colour, branding and personality to your email signature, making it more impactful and memorable.


Boost your credibility and promote your business by including your company’s logo. Choose either a logo or an image, as using both may create confusion.

Social Media Icons

If your company has well-managed social media profiles, consider including links or icons within your email signature to push more traffic towards these platforms.

Signature Call-to-Action Button

Professional signatures can drive engagements for your emails by including links to your latest blog and current promotions, or by encouraging the recipient to sign up to a newsletter. Ensure your CTA is concise and easy for the reader to follow and take action.

Company Information and Other Contact Info

Many successful companies include a banner to show past and current company achievements in their professional email signature. These achievements may include awards, certifications and general announcements.


Many people check their emails on the go every day – so your email signature must be mobile-friendly. Choose graphic elements that are compatible with mobile devices, and include links or icons that are well-spaced enough for fingers to click.

Professional Email Signature Management with Crossware

Did you know the average full-time office worker receives around 120 emails per day? Considering that, it’s imperative that your emails – and your brand – stand out from the crowd. You’ve worked hard to build your reputation and your brand identity. Promote both by taking advantage of our email signature management system to create custom professional email signatures that help convey the precise message of your brand.


Exude professionalism, increase engagement, boost your social reach, encourage more replies, and generate more leads and conversions with a bold and professional email signature.


Let the team at Crossware Mail Signature Management show you how to make a professional email signature with a free trial so that we can help your brand shine – try 30 days free for Office 365, Exchange, and Domino!


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