MailButler is a cool little plugin that can boost your Apple Mail experience with a bunch of nifty features.

 While Apple Mail, the default email software for Mac might suit the average person, it’s far from an ideal tool for inbox-happy people who live and breathe emails. One solution lies in the plethora of third-party email clients available. However, not all are created equal, with a range of cost options and ease of use.

This is our review of MailButler for Apple Mail a useful plugin that we’ve looked into recently for Mac users. MailButler is a middle-ground option that is definitely worth exploring whether you’re a professional seeking an individual email solution, or looking for a team solution for your email-bogged employees. Relatively new on the market from Feingeist, MailButler is essentially a set of plugins designed to optimize Apple Mail. That’s right – you don’t have to abandon your beloved Apple Mail account. MailButler offers a series of features that allow you or your employees to get on with business that much easier. Check out our gallery for screenshots of MailButler in action.

MailButler Review of Features

Here are a few features that MailButler boasts.

Direct Inbox Icon

You can instantly view your most recently received emails at any time with a click of a conveniently placed icon in the upper menu bar. This means keeping on top of emails with ease.

Email Scheduling

The MailButler Email Scheduling feature will change the way you work. You can write your emails now, and schedule them to be sent at a later time or date. Get all the writing out of the way at once so you don’t have to constantly move between tasks. It’s perfect for those working late who want to maintain the appearance of office hours. Bonus points: You’ll never miss a birthday again if email is your favored tool for well-wishing!

Email Tracking

A must have for those in sales and customer support. Allows you to monitor the status of an email after it has been sent, and plan your next step of communication, rather than making an educated guess. Find out why you need tracking here.

Undo Send

How often have you embarrassed yourself by clicking send mid-sentence, or before removing an unwanted recipient? The Undo Send feature will ask you whether your wish to confirm or undo any email before it sends. You can even set a time-delay for all your emails which might just save your skin after an accidental click.

Attachment Reminders

I am forever sending emails without the attachments I promised. Never again with the Attachment Reminder feature! MailButler looks for keywords and phrases in your email and will prompt you if it thinks you intended to attach something.

Convert to Notes

MailButler allows you to convert emails to Notes with one easy click.  All of their metadata and formatting is retained as well as a reference link to the original email. Perfect for preventing bills or important tasks from being buried under ads, bulk emails or other banal features of your inbox.

Timed Follow Up

The Follow Up feature allows you to set a timed reminder for all emails that you want to respond to.

Smart Attachments

Ever tried to send an email, but the attachment is too large for either you or the recipient? The Cloud Upload feature will automatically upload a document to the cloud service of your choice, and incorporate a link to it in the email that you send.

Getting Started

You can read more about MailButler’s list of features here. While it is relatively intuitive to operate, Feingeist have also released a series of tutorial videos to help you install MailButler and get the most out of its features. Feingeist also appear to regularly update MailButler which is a bonus.

You can try MailButler for free, which provides one account and a maximum of 20 actions per month – it even includes a handy profile page to keep track of what you have used. If you like what you see, you can select from multiple upgrade tiers for a monthly fee to access unlimited use of MailButler’s features. That includes better customer support, and multiple accounts (perfect for corporate use).

While it’s reasonably high priced, MailButler is well worth the try before you consider more expensive third-party alternatives or resign yourself to a life of frustration on Apple Mail!

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