Swamped with emails? We’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five cool email tools that boost productivity. These are awesome products well worth checking out if you’re passionate about upping your productivity. There’s something here for both teams and individuals – enjoy!

1) Gorgias

Write emails faster using keyboard shortcuts and templates.

Gorgias has an amazing goal – making the job of Customer Support Agents that much easier (and efficient). We love that! Gorgias is an integrated help-desk tool with plenty of features – but we’ll just focus on what it can do your emails.

Gorgias suggestions type

It’s designed to speed up your (or your team’s) email writing by allowing you to create and use templates. These can be added inline whenever the need for a standardised sentence (or three) strikes. There’s no reason to type the same thing out a million times when you’re just a keyboard shortcut away from the perfectly worded email.

Gorgias search email templates

Check out their pricing, based on the number of tickets you respond to, here.

2. Ugly Email

See if an email is being tracked before you open it in Gmail.

 Do you ever get that sense of being watched inside your Inbox? There’s something a bit awkward and invasive feeling about people checking whether you’ve opened their email.

Ugly Email is a free Gmail extension that lets you know whether someone is tracking an email that they send you. Every email that is being tracked is marked with an “evil eye” as below.

Gorgias evil eye on emails

It’s simple and supports tracking from a bunch of different programs including  Streak, Yesware, Mandrill, MailChimp, Postmark, TinyLetter, Sidekick, MixMax and Bananatag. This list is also being updated frequently.

There’s some mixed reviews on the Google App store, but it’s worth testing out if you hate the idea of being watched. Get it here.

3. Good Email Copy

Let the great email copy of others inspire you.

If you Google email design, you’re bound to find some gorgeous, modern email formats. But did you know that you can also find amazing email copy to inspire you?

Good Email Copy compiles awesome examples of email copy from around the web for you to drool over. They focus on choosing simple, short emails with a light sprinkle of humour – often from more well-known companies.

good-email-copy-examples tagged and searchable

polymail pro track your emails

Track your emails, save them to read later, schedule responses, schedule meetings, see contact profiles, get link tracking, access their templates, the list goes on… Check out all the features here. Also, check out their pricing here with a free, pro and enterprise option (coming soon).

5. Connector (by ContentMarketer.io)

Become an outreach email pro.

Connector is linked with Google and Gmail. It’s a tool that boasts great email templates with tracking, scheduling and follow-up sequences. Send a personal email at the perfect time for each recipient. Schedule follow-ups and track everything you’re doing.

It also ensures that no one is left un-contacted with links to conversations sent to your gmail daily.

With plenty of different use cases, it’s well worth a look. It’s also worth mentioning that Connector is soon becoming Mailshake. All existing Connector accounts will change in the next month.

Have you tested out any of these tools? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to know your favourite, or any we’ve missed.

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