‘Tis the season to be jolly! I’m sure we needn’t remind you. You’ve probably been wearing a sneaky bit of red and green to work for a month now, and humming Jingle Bells in the lunch room. It is the start of December after all!

But if on the off-chance, you’re not full prepared for Christmas this year, we’re here to help. Well, help your emails at least.

Remember when Christmas was only a twelve day affair? Once upon a time, it was considered strange to have Santa in your Thanksgiving centerpiece, and equally odd that Cyber Monday was also part of the Season to be Jolly (broke). These days, we’ve accepted that Christmas starts early – and that it includes necessary changes to your company branding. It’s simply got to be as festive as possible, as early as possible.

But that’s no reason to stress! Relax and put your feet up. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of vector graphics for you to use in your emails this Holiday Season. And since anything Christmas-related naturally comes in sets of 12, here’s 12 of our favourite Christmas-themed vector graphics to spruce up your emails this silly season.

1. Santa Claus Vector Graphics

Look at these little cuties. They’re so thrilled to be part of your Christmas emails. Squeeze them in your email signature. Slip one in your email header. Sneak one in as an attachment. Whatever you do with them, they definitely capture the cute part of Christmas and are an absolute must-have in your December emails.

santa claus vector graphics

2. Christmas Foliage Vector Banners

Looking for the “I made it myself” kind of look? These sweet little berry and foliage combos will have you smelling pine needles well before the office Christmas tree is delivered. These vector graphics can also be incorporated into the body of your email. Think recreating a note to Santa, or a Christmas shopping list including your product.

holly border christmas foliage vector banners

3. Watercolour Painting Town Vector Banners

Here’s another beautiful watercolour style banner for your collection. A gorgeous little town bathed in star-light with room for you to add your own personal greetings across the sky. There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia in your emails to get people smiling. Placing this type of banner is generally recommended at the bottom of the email (if sending from within an email provider such as Outlook or Gmail) since you don’t want to distract from the body of the email. It could also act as a header in an HTML email (via a program like MailChimp or Constant Contact).

merry christmas winter twilight houses banner

4. Christmas Icons Vector Graphics

Need some Christmas icons? Sprinkle these liberally through your emails for the full Christmas effect. In your HTML emails, these could act as bullet points, or make up part of frames. You could also line them up below your email signature to add some visual pizzazz.

happy holidays chrismtas icons

5. Colourful Christmas Vector Banners

These banners are a brighter, modern style option for keeping it corporate but fun. Continuing the current trend of simple graphics with little shading, these really pop at the end of your standard black and white email.

colourful merry christmas banner

Merry christmas lights wood panels

7. Snowflakes Vector Graphics

Channel your inner Elsa / Anna with a Frozen themed vector graphic. Make your email a rainbow snowflake explosion, or keep it subtle with a few mini, muted-tone flakes sprinkled around your your email. That’s the (Christmas) magic of vector graphics.

Snowflake vector graphics

8. Cartoon Christmas Vector Banners

Cute cartoons more your style? Just in case you were missing the chance to include your favourite generic Christmas characters in a snowy background, we’ve slipped this one in for you. Change the background to match your company colour, and you’re good to go.

Merry christmas blue and purple banners

9. Christmas Ribbons Vector Graphics

Did someone say ribbons? Doesn’t really matter, since we’ve got a fistful of stylish ribbon banners with little Christmas embellishments for you to include in your mass-holiday email. Don’t hold back! (actually do be a little sparing with these).

christmas ribbon banners

10. Greenery with Christmas Baubles Vector Banners

If you’re looking for a bit more classic imagery, you can’t go wrong with some holly and pine combined with Christmas baubles. These can look great on your headers or footers for that classic Christmas feel.

christmas holly pine and ornaments banners

11. Christmas Vector Borders

Need a bright but elegant email border / frame that makes your email pop? Say no more.

Christmas borders poinsettia and pine

12. Santa Hats Vector Graphics

Santa hats are an absolutely must-have for sprucing up your logo, mascot and just adding to everything. We like this collection, but there’s plenty on Freepik and other sites if you’re looking for a different style – check them out here.

santa hats vector graphics

Notes on Using Vector Graphics

The magic of vector graphics is that they are stored in a format that scalable. This means that:

  • They won’t pixelate or look lower quality when you resize them (the same can’t be said about .jpegs, .gifs and so on).
  • They are great for viewing on mobile (they can freely scale to the device size).

Crossware Mail Signature for Applying Email Graphics

If you want to add a banner or graphic to each email but are struggling to do it on your Outlook or IBM email platform, Crossware Mail Signature can help.

You can simply and quickly add graphics anywhere on your email. These give you back the control of company-wide signatures by putting you in charge of when, where and how your graphics and email signatures are applied. It’s easy to fine tuneyour signature with rules, such as if you only want your Christmas banner in the month of December, or only to send to those external to your company, and much more.

Try it for free for 30 days.

Best Practice for Vector Graphics in Emails

  • Make sure to check the attribution rules on each of these before use so you can credit the author correctly when using them.
  • Less is more for graphics, especially those sent from your Outlook, Gmail or other email provider. Don’t make your email visually overpowering, and cause people to miss the message!

Let us know what great vector resources you’ve found for your Christmas graphics / emails this year in the comments below! Merry almost Christmas!

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