Goodbyes are hard.  So why not make your business ‘goodbyes’ easier, or even fun, with the world’s fastest and most powerful Signature Designer?

Whether you want to leave a simple strong impression with your clients, collect survey data, or turn it into a marketing opportunity – our new and improved intuitive user interface (UI) allows users without any HTML experience to easily create eye-catching campaigns and get creative with their ‘Goodbye’ space.

Other than the intuitive UI, here are a few of our Unique Features

Block-Based Design

Build your email signature up by dragging-and-dropping each of your pre-approved ‘blocks’ into our design area. Once in there, you can move around to re-order.

Drag and Drop

As the name suggests, you can simply drag and drop your blocks – easy and fun!

Drop-down menus

Set complex rules for each blocks, assign signatures, give permission and so much more with our drop-down menus and radio buttons.

HTML knowledge is optional 

Our Signature Designer is intuitive and as such, gives you the option to create your email signature by dragging and dropping and using drop-down menus for your options – or use HTML.

Non-Admin Access

Grant a particular group access to an email signature. A prime example of this could be giving Marketing access to the sales and marketing banners.


Find our more about our world-class designer here and see what you can do with our Signature Designer and give your emails a sign-off that is simply perfect.


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