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Crossware Mail Signature Outlook Add-In

Dynamic Signatures Add-In

A world-first for Microsoft Outlook. This powerful tool has three functions:

Preview — See how your dynamic content—including custom images—will look before emailing clients or colleagues.

Insert — Simply click to upload and embed a new signature or enable auto-insert for company users.

Selectable — Choose from a selection of signature templates

An Outlook dynamic email signature Add-in can benefit by all types and sizes of enterprises, SMEs and other organisations.

Crossware Mail Signature Outlook Add-In

Dynamic Signatures Viewer

Another world-first, the ‘Viewer’ is a simple-to-use, web-based solution to show users how their email signature settings will display.

Accessible via a URL link, there is no need for any setup or add-ins.

Having a URL based tool makes for easy distribution within the organisation.

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What is a dynamic email signature?

Business emails can be powerful marketing tools when combined with a dynamic signature. The inclusion of interactive, engaging features in your emails – such as an image, logo, website, or social media links – plus displaying easy-to-read contact information helps to reinforce your brand identity.


How do I create a dynamic email signature?

Generate more sales and increase social media engagement with Crossware Mail Signature software.  Message us today to discuss how to make an outlook signature to help you improve your brand’s image.

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