Dynamic Signatures Viewer

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Web Based

Accessible via a URL, there is no
set-up or add-in required.

Having a URL based tool makes for easy distribution within the organisation.

Crossware Mail Signature from every device

Ensure correct email signatures

Once given the URL by the administrator, individual users can check that their own details and signatures are correct – without the need for an Add-In.

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Pulls from your Directory

Crossware Mail Signature extracts information from your Directory. Using Dynamic Signatures Viewer is a simple way for employees to ensure that all details are displaying correctly.

Dynamic Signatures – Viewer was developed by Crossware Mail Signature as an easy yet powerful tool for organisations.

Users can access Dynamic Signatures – Viewer via a URL which can be sent via Email, published in Microsoft Teams, posted on an intranet etc.


How does Dynamic Signatures - Viewer work?

STEP 1: The organisation will have a URL, which can be distributed the same way as any text would be.

STEP 2: The user will click on the URL and input their details.

STEP 3: The user will now be looking at their email signature and seeing how it would look if they sent an email at that point in time.

For further technical information about using Crossware Mail Signature’s Dynamic Signature – Viewer, visit our Knowledge Base.

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