Benefits of using Crossware Mail Signature

Find out what makes our Email Signature Management solution unique

Crossware Mail Signature Iso certified

ISO Certified

Crossware Mail Signature is ISO27001 certified.

Compliance and Security are at the root of everything Crossware does.

Read more about our Security policies here.


Here if you need us

We have a dedicated Support Team who are available around the clock – on the rare occasion you need some help.

Give access to select users

Your Email Signatures are yours – and as such, you can give certain groups or specific users access without making them admin. For example, if you would like your Marketing Team to have access to creating and assigning beautiful Email Signatures – they can. 

Crossware Mail Signature is GDPRco

GDPR Compliant

Crossware Mail Signature is proudly GDPR Compliant and continually upholds all standards.

Read more about our GDPR policies here.

Build and Apply Custom Rules

With easily customisable rules and the ability to build your signature in blocks, you choose when and where you would like each signature or signature block to be applied. Your options are almost endless. 

Easy Set-Up

Crossware Mail Signature has such an easy set-up that our software is usually deployed 30 minutes after downloading.


Microsoft Assured

Crossware Mail Signature has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft, seeing us gain Gold Partner Status and becoming the Microsoft Preferred Solution for Email Signature Management on both Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource.

Crossware Mail Signature

Centralised Management

Maintain consistency with tamper-proof central control of your signatures. You can implement company-wide changes in minutes.

Read more about how Centralised Management would work for you here.

Crossware Mail Signature from every device

Signatures From Any Device

Your signatures are applied after you send, meaning no individual device setup is needed.

Read more about how our Email Signatures are compatible with any device here.

CMS signature designer

Powerful Signature Designer

Our advanced rich text and HTML editors make creating your new Email Signatures easy and fun!
Our Office 365 version even includes a ‘drag and drop’ function.

Read more about our Powerful Signature Designer here.

Crossware Mail Signature allows advanced branding

Advanced Email Branding

Have your unique branding added to each email sent by your organisation – every time. This can be in your signature, on a banner or even branding at the top of your email!

Read more about how Crossware Mail Signature will improve your Email Branding here.

Have Precise Control Using Signature Blocks

Crossware Mail Signature allows you to build your signature up or down, by having each element as their own ‘block.’

Adding display rules to each block of your signature allows you to decide how you want your Email Signature to look and be applied.


Crossware Mail Signature - Legally compliant

Add Disclaimers

Add a layer of legal protection to each email with custom, centrally managed disclaimers.

Read more about how to ensure your organisation is sending legally compliant emails here.

Crossware Mail Signature secure

Keep Your Data, Set Your Rules

We respect your right to privacy and security. That’s why we’ve built our solutions with security in mind to ensure your privacy is never compromised.

Click to read more about our Privacy Policy and our Crossware Data Security Policy.

Support Campaigns

Utilise the empty space in your emails to have a signature that not only helps with Branding and Marketing, but supports your current Sales campaigns.

Read more about how Crossware Mail Signature can be used to support your campaigns here.

Save Time

Crossware Mail Signature is easy to set up and use.
Paired with the ability to change and update email signatures for the whole organisation in minutes, the time saved speaks for itself.

For example, an organisation with 500 employees would save:
250 hours and $10,000USD*

An organisation with 5000 employees would save:
2,505 hours and $100,200USD*

Contact us to start saving time now!

* Calculations are based on the average time it takes to change / update an email signature.

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