Email is one of the most effective ways of marketing, but most companies don’t think about the ‘everyday’ email that leaves the office every few minutes. Your email signature can be a very easy way to generate leads and make sales. Below, I have summarised 5 quick and easy ways for you to make the most of your email signature. 

1. Include a special offer

Including a simple banner at the bottom of your email gives the reader somewhere to go after reading your email. Why not direct them to your site for a free trial, or perhaps a whitepaper? Below is an email signature from Canva that encourages email recipients to check out the brand website.

Example email signature banner Canva

The key to creating an effective email signature banner is the design. It’s important that the banner does not appear too ‘spammy’, so avoid using bright colours and big fonts. The banner should appear as a natural part of the email.

2. Promote an event

If you’re sponsoring or just attending an industry event, it’s a good idea to let your contacts know. This gives them an opportunity to meet with you in person, and perhaps arrange a demonstration.

Sale banner example Canva

Large events will often supply sponsors with graphics to include on their email signatures. But a simple design is also sufficient. Create a page on your website outlining your involvement with the event, including the option to arrange a meeting. Those that are interested in the event can then click on the banner and read on your website.

3. Share a case study

Case studies are a powerful marketing tool. Especially towards the end of a deal. Including links to your case studies on your email signature, gives prospects another way to read more about how your product could work for them.

If you have a variety of case studies, it’s a good idea to create different links for your email signature. You can then target these variations to specific people. For example, you might target a construction company case study to other construction companies that you’re emailing. You can set up these types of rules within Crossware Mail Signature.

4. Schedule a demo

Depending on what type of product you’re selling, an online demo is a great way to capture leads and advance prospects. Including a simple link or image on your email signature giving readers the option to book a demo, can be really effective. You can direct the link to a booking page on your website, or even just have a message on your email telling the reader to ask for a demo.

5. Have a mobile email signature

All of the above examples are great, but they should also be replicated on mobile emails. Every single email that leaves your company should include an attractive email signature, including one of the lead generation methods from above.

Free mobile friendly email signature download

If you’re having trouble including company logos and targeted advertisements on your mobile emails. We offer a free 30 day trial of our email signature software here. Once you’ve created your company signature, it will be automatically included on every email, from any device.

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