It’s that time of year again – holiday season! Apart from pulling out the business decorations, planning menus and organisng trips to see family, businesses will be closing during this time, operating with reduced or changed hours, or simply wanting to spread some holiday cheer.

So here is your friendly reminder to update your email signatures.

You may want to acknowledge all of the upcoming holidays, rotate between themed and non-themed, advertise upcoming sales or just celebrate the end of the year – either way, now is the time to get things organised.

Here are some ideas:

Themed call-to-actions:

Spruce up your marketing and sales campaign banners with a little festive cheer. This can be adding a wreath, a Santa hat, a tree or a pumpkin!  
Advice for a colourful banner: Ensure the colours don’t clash (unless it’s intentional) and that the font is big enough to read at a glance. 
Here’s one we prepared earlier:


Another fun way is to have a fun play on words:

You can even have a simple update to show your holiday office hours or let your customers know you will be closed:

Or instead of adding a festive banner, you can change your contact details a little, or spruce up your profile picture to bring a little cheer, just as this neighbourhood watch dog has done:

There are plenty of options to customise your email signatures for the holiday.

For some do’s and don’ts, read out blog about how to achieve the perfect Christmas Email Signature.

Don’t forget that you can turn it into a GIF and have some movement in your email signature – these are always eye-catching.

If you would like assistance with this, or if you like us to send you the editable files then please get in touch.

Have fun creating your holiday email signatures! 
– Team Crossware

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