Microsoft 365 Signature Manager 

Crossware Mail Signature’s signature manager for Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365) is integrated into your Microsoft 365 platform and sits in Microsoft Azure, keeping your emails in a Secure Closed Loop System.


Crossware Mail Signature - In the cloud

Cloud-based Email Signatures

Crossware’s Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) signature manager solution is based in the Cloud. This convenient system means there is nothing you need to install, download or update to use our email signature manager – you can create and manage your Crossware email signatures and disclaimers straight from your web browser.

Crossware Mail Signature from every device

Supports All Devices

Because our Crossware Email Signature Solution is based in the cloud, it’s easy for you to create and centrally manage your Microsoft 365 email signatures for all of your users at once. Your company-wide email signature template will be added to every email sent internally or outside your organization, no matter what device you use. 

Crossware Mail Signature secure

Create Securely

Crossware for Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) email signature manager is hosted within Microsoft Data centres across the world, which means that your email will never leave the security of the Microsoft Cloud at any point.

Our Microsoft 365 email software also allows you to control elements such as multiple email marketing campaigns or promotional banners from one intuitive web portal.

Crossware Mail Signature for Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) adds your signatures within a secure closed-loop and is authenticated by standard Microsoft protocols.

See our Microsoft 365 Security document for more detailed privacy and security information.

Only select users have access.

You can grant access to any user without making them an admin.

Crossware Mail Signature - How office 356 works

How does Crossware Email Signature Management Work?

STEP 1: Users can email clients or colleagues from any device via their centrally managed Microsoft 365 Environment.

STEP 2: Within the Microsoft Cloud, Crossware adds professional business email signatures for Office 365 (Microsoft 365) to all messages according to your defined rules. Up-to-date contact information is automatically pulled from your Azure Active Directory.

STEP 3: The email is looped back to your Microsoft 365 environment to be delivered as an internal or external email.

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For further technical information and to discover more features of Crossware Email Signature for Office 365, visit our Knowledge Base or start your free 30-day trial now.

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