Crossware Mail Signature for Microsoft Office 365

The secure and reliable Email Signature Solution

Crossware Superhero holding the security shield

Email Security

We don’t store or copy your emails within our service, and your emails are secured.

Closed-loop service
Emails are processed by our service securely within Microsoft Azure Datacenters. No Relay or external services are used.

Not stored
Emails are not stored, they are returned back to your Office 365 tenant once the signature is applied.

Secured with transport layer security
All communication between your Office 365 Email Service and the Crossware Mail Signature Service, in Microsoft Azure, uses industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection.

Complete Privacy

Crossware does not log any email content or properties other than Message-IDs and time stamps, which we use only to monitor the service.

Read-only access to your Active Directory
Our access to your Active Directory (WAAD) is strictly read-only, and data is only held in memory.

No tampering with encrypted emails
We do not insert signatures on encrypted emails, because to do so would break the security of that encryption.

Your information is yours
Every organisation that uses our service has their own unique database for managing and creating signatures – your information is not available to anyone else.

Full control of signature editors
Access to the Signature Designer is restricted using your Office 365 credentials – allowing you to grant other people access to the Signature Designer as required, 

Crossware Superhero holding the security shield
Crossware Superhero holding the security shield

Always Available

Since the launch of the Crossware Mail Signature Service, we have maintained an Uptime of 100% (last reviewed Q3 2018). Due to the design of the Email Signature Service we will never lose an email. The worst that can happen is your emails could be delayed if our service is down or Microsoft O365 won’t allow emails to be routed back into Microsoft O365. Due to the redundancy (via our multi regional service: US, EU and APAC) our service was available 100% of the time. 

Built-in redundancy
If there is a failure in the Microsoft Datacenter in your region, processing will be automatically moved to another region and signatures will continue to be applied (this capability can be disabled if desired).

Scaling with Azure
We take advantage of the Azure environment, allowing us to scale the service as demand changes over the day, and across different timezones.

Highly Responsive

No delays
There is no significant delay introduced by the Crossware Mail Signature Service – the average processing time was less than 3 seconds across all regions.

Crossware Superhero in a blue van
Crossware Superhero holding the security shield

Simple Setup

There is no additional software to install, or new passwords to remember!

Log in with your Microsoft Office 365 credentials
No new usernames and passwords – simply log in with your Microsoft Office 365 credentials (anyone who has been granted access in your organisation can create and edit signatures, not just Global Administrators).

Ready-to-use templates
Quickly create signatures with our collection of fully editable, professional templates.

Visual or HTML editor
Swap between the visual and HTML editor to create the perfect signature, no matter your level of design expertise.

Looking for our policy on Data Security and GDPR? Check it out here.

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