An email signature lets your customers connect with your business, get used to seeing your logo and understand your brand concepts quickly. It can also tell new customers who you are and remind existing customers that they are important, as well as being used as a form of internal communication.

The sometimes empty under-utilised space at the bottom of your emails is often an overlooked piece of real estate that is essential to any well-rounded marketing strategy.  

Traditionally, this was either left blank or it had basic contact details or either a business or of the person who sent the email. Now, this has evolved to include so much more – plus rules, enabling dynamic signatures. What does this mean? Well, in it’s simplest form, it means multiple versions of an email signature per person depending on who you sent the email to, if it was a reply, forward or new email, if it’s internal or external, depending on how many seconds were in between your last email. There are so many options.

With the presence of a well-thought out email signature at the bottom of each email, you can ensure every email sent is on-brand with logos and slogans etc, complement a sales pitch solely to potential clients, communicate your business motto only on new emails, display your logo and contact information on every email, inform everyone of an address chance or simply have an internal reminder about staff lunch – your options are endless!

Utilising an email signature shows customers, partners and even staff who a business is (make sure your branding is clear on every signature), is professional, progressive, and open to communication by having a link to professional social media platforms (ie. LinkedIn) or to a calendar booking platform. 

More specifically, how does a marketing banner on an email complement a campaign? Email is currently being used by 4.03 billion people (in 2021), so taking that into account, the world of email marketing is your oyster and doing it so effortlessly with an email makes for a strategic move in your campaign!
When setting up a banner to use as part of your marketing or sales strategy, you can have embed a link, set up campaign tracking or  by providing quick contact information and avoid time consuming back and forth. Businesses can even get attention for special events and use email signatures as a way of distributing an invite. The best part? It is all done without anybody having to think about it.

An email signature is the very last thing a customer sees in any email, as well as the first thing they see before sending a reply – with the ability to leave a lasting impression, what do you want your network to be thinking? 



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