Nearly all modern professionals use email as a primary business communication channel. When you send an email, you need to consider your company’s image and brand.


You want your company to look professional. What happens when you meet another businessperson face-to-face for the first time? If you can help it, you’ll hand them a polished, printed business card – not your name and number scribbled on a scrap of paper.

For you and your entire team, professional email signatures reflect your company’s brand. Let’s look at why consistent email branding is important, and how email signature management can help.

Why is email signature management important?

Why use email signatures? A distinctive signature at the bottom of your email reinforces who you are as a company – solidifying the image of your brand in your recipient’s eyes.

Uniform signatures create brand consistency across a whole team. A branded signature creates a sense of trust with the recipient if he or she recognises your brand.

Consistency is key to email branding. The logo, graphics, and colours in your signature should match your website, brochures, business cards and letterhead. The style and formatting of your social media posts, e-newsletter graphics, and other marketing elements all converge to create your unique branding image.

Email signature guidelines

Keep your email signature – including the company logo – clean and simple.

In your email signature, include your:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Direct phone number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Legal disclaimer

Regulations now require business emails to contain a legal disclaimer, which will typically include confidentiality and copyright information. Using a legal disclaimer on your email signature guarantees that your disclaimer will appear on every email sent, avoiding the risk of fines or legal action. 

An Example of a Legal Disclaimer:

“This message may contain confidential information only for the intended recipient(s). Should you receive this message by mistake, please inform me, delete this message from your mailbox, and do not forward it or any part of it to anyone else. Thanks very much for your cooperation and understanding.”

Optional Email Signature Inclusions:

  • A professional headshot
  • Icons to link directly to your phone number and social media platforms

Icons linking to your social media pages are a great way to invite customers to connect on a more personal level. In today’s tech-savvy world, most people prefer to communicate via social media.  Make it easy and enjoyable for customers to contact you.

Easy readability is key. Ensure your signature is uncluttered by including only the most important icons and links. Ask a trusted colleague or friend to review your signature and offer honest feedback: Is the signature easy to read? Does the text all make sense

Email signature management software

Non-technical users commonly make the mistake of thinking that every email signature they create will appear in exactly the same format when their recipient opens the email.

Every email message consists of an HTML program transmitted from one computer (or electronic device) to the next. The recipient’s device reads the HTML code from your message and displays it based on its interpretation of the HTML instructions.

Email signatures coded with strong HTML are more likely to appear correctly and consistently – positively impacting your brand.

Crossware’s email signature management software helps you to manage hundreds of signatures and banner campaigns at once. You’ll be able to integrate your signatures seamlessly with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino. Enjoy consistent and mistake-free email signatures, with minimal effort.

Invest in Crossware’s email signature management software and stay true to your brand and professionalism. You won’t have to worry about irregular formatting, mismatched brand colours, or images that show as attachments instead of links.

Email marketing and branding go hand in hand. When your email marketing is strong, your brand gets stronger. By incorporating your brand into your email signature, you’re creating a name for your company that will become easily recognised and regarded as trustworthy.

Appreciating the importance of consistent email branding – and how signature management can help – will allow your brand to shine and to be memorable for all the right reasons.

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