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Crossware Mail Signature

Choose Your Adverts

Configure multiple ads to be appended to signatures based on sender and/or recipient details.


Give Editor Rights

Give certain individuals editing rights for signature advertising and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.


No additional user-effort

Once your advertising banner has rules applied, the user can simply send their email and rest assured knowing their beautiful Email Signature will be applied. 

Email is the most widely used communication method in businesses today. Turn the everyday email into a highly effective email signature advertising opportunity by sending targeted promotions to recipients, based on your customer data.


Crossware Mail Signature email disclaimers

Why use email advertising?

Email is the most common form of business communication globally. So why limit your advertising to specific email campaigns? Your beautiful branding is splashed across your website promoting your latest sales and offerings, but you’re missing out on prime marketing space by not advertising in an email signature with every message.

Every single email signature advertisement you send could promote your latest product or company news, but your marketing department currently doesn’t have the ability to easily add promotions or advertisement banners to company emails. Sound familiar?

Crossware Mail Signature appends each signature ad as emails are sent, so that any graphics or banners are not stored in your local mail files. When you start advertising in email signature with us, you are able to target your signature advertisements based on the email domain of the recipient, the month of the year, or even based on a list of target products for that customer. Furthermore, you can choose to append advertising on new emails only so that any future replies in the conversion do not get cluttered with promotions.

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